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What is felt and how is Felt-making
Felt is a textile product which is non woven and is known primal product all over the world. It was found many felt pieces by archeological excavates at all over the world. The primal felt samples which was found up until now, is clashing to 6,500 BC. And it is exhibiting at St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum. 

Felt has great power, it is water & heatproof therefore it is most important discovery ought multipurpose use for human being since old times. It is also very strong isolation material, has a particularity to protect against heat & cold. It is also protective as a trench coat as well as safety and water proof attributes. 


Felt is clipped of sheep wool it was formed after a difficult and hard works process. Wool was cleaning, painting and combed subsequently putting regularly on the mat for to drying, if you want you can give designs, the beaten process is started after getting wet by water and soap. Keeping continue to beaten process by the breaks for to turn of the rolls time to time. This process is keeps continue till end of the integration. The product became almost half size of material. There is need to measure carefully in advance. There is a possibility to produce of felt as a thin cloth or fat carpet as well. By no manner of means not use to sewing or to appose. After the process of the felt making it may to rinse and to lapidate for to ready to iron. It is became employability object.  


Felt was brought to Anatolia and integrated with local cultures by nomadic society. Felt was spread by traveler dervish to other countries. But it wasn’t pay attention due diligence to felt making and the felt expert didn’t enhance their self, by this reason it is became handicraft which is getting into the disappearing period. 


However felt is getting an important place which it deserved as a material which is using by particular fashion designers for their endless creativity all around the world especially in USA, Britain, Holland, Germany such as countries. Many artist are forcing the limits of design at those countries, painters and sculptors are creating incredible work of art by this material. But in recent years, it was began to present for to use as particular design by the artist and designer and fashion designers at metropolis in our country. It is making dress, hat, slipper/shoe, blanket, cloth, handbag, lamb shade, set, bauble and more different product create interest. Especially the baby and chills products are preferential cause it is totally natural made. 
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